In Southeastern Switzerland where it is usually rather idyllic to and fro goes, arise Caribbean rhythms and urban melodies and at least the cows in the pasture next to our band room, each one Tuesday night, sneaking out of the stable after the farmer to sleep on authentic roots rock reggae music too dance, which seems to please the variety to the popular ;-)

Hello World. We are SÜMETRIX Swiss Reggae Music

A authentic crossover roots rock reggae live band whose roots are in our songs are self written and composed and will be in

produced together in our studio. The band already exists 2010 and has already published several works and was allowed Collect numerous concert experiences. Our music stands out by uniqueness and a clear recognition value. In addition, some of our songs have the so-called earwig effect and can not be described as classical reggae.This for the reason that most band members are not from the Reggae genre, but in all sorts of musical styles as rock, metal, punk, funk, blues, jazz, musical are at home.

This top-class mix of musicians leave their influences melt together and thus form a symmetrical unit itself to give in reggae. That's why the band name SÜMETRIX SwissReggae Music.2019our third studio album is already coming out and we're going with it national and international on tour.
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Album       "ARE U REGGAE?"    2017    Sümetrix Production


EP       "back to roots"       2014      Sümetrix Production


Album     "Eifach Ehrlich"     2012    GD Records


Conzert Legend

9.9.2017  Perplex Bar (Chilbi Näfels) Näfels (GL Nord)

20.8.2017 Openair Rock the Frog Hugelshofen

4.8.2017 Sommerbühne im Volksgarten Glarus

23.6.2017 Sound-Industrie Münchwilen

21.5.2017 Grabenhalle/SPH Bandcontest St.Gallen

28.4.2017 Tour Warm Up BBQ Weesen

22.6.2016 Quellrock Openair Bad Ragaz

24.5.2016 Bandroom Jamsession Weesen

18.5.2015 Bandroom Opening Jamsession Weesen

4.8.2013 Wake the Lake Festival Weesen

9.3.2013 Mad Reggae Night Bilten

8.12.2012 Kornschuppen Haus Davos

22.10.2012 Prix Walo Sprungbrett Ennenda

26.8.2012  Stadt-Openair Sound of Glarus Glarus

7.8.2012 Sonnen Pup/ Zeltli Bar Glarus

24.7.2012 Openair Reeds Festival Pfäffikon

27.6.2012 Glarus Süd trifft sich, Gemeindesaal Schwanden

12.1.2012 Plattentaufe "Eifach Ehrlich" holästei Glarus

24.11.2011 Jugendzentrum Schlattdorf Altdorf